Weird Wednesdays at the Book Garden

Dragon time

We met a dragon and it killed the shit out of us… all of us…

In the Dungeon
From what I remember

The heroes made their way cautiosly into the dungeon staying clear of corridors and pressure plates.

A very scary orc was spotted and the adventurers formed up to ambush it

Orcish archer spots the party, and orcish sword flips a switch dropping giant boulders. Begins initiative.

During combat a giant blob gets dropped from a trap.

Once the orcs and blob are taken care of the adventurers investigate the pool.

A hidden mirage hallway is revealed that is rigged with an alarm on the floor and after much discussion the adventurers attempt to cross.

The rouge Keira wall runs down the corridor and Belgos fires an arrow with a rope attached to tie at either end of the hall.

Everyone manage’s to pass athletic checks to cross and Steve does it naked…

On the next level Keira passes bonches of stealth checks that reveal a prison with friends and foes.

Keira frees the halflings and gathers weapons for the trapped humans before raising alarm.

A dragon-born, spitting velociraptor, cockatrice and a bunch of drunken stooges all fall after an intense battle and the group prepares to travel onward…

the Workshop and The Books Escape

During the night, Belgos has a dream that includes the pages of a book. Written on them are the designs for an elaborate machine.

The heroes alight through the woods to the kobold workshop, that lies enroute to the kobald base camp. Here they spy a handful of kobalds starting their daily tasks.

The thief Kiera approaches with Belgos, but two kobald decoys spot them and use their cunning lure to draw them near, into a pit trap. Bad luck to start!

The rest of the party, after tying up the trapmaster Grammush, charge into the frey. The Dwarf, Fargrim steps into a snare and is pulled down.

the Kobald trap savant lets loose some critical bolts from his crossbow. As he ducks behind some machine tools and scoops up the books and materials at the tented workshop. He then scurries to the forge and throw in a brick-like object. The forge smoulders and begins to shake.

The wizard Jarren uses his Ray of Frost to freeze and push the forge into the adjacent rushing river, preventing the explosion. (close call!)

The Savant, known as Ingurr, begins to escape over the small wooden bridge.

Belgos, the Drow Ranger clouds the mind of the Savant, and attempts to slow him down. However, his bow is strung too tightly and twice his arrows snap before he can let them fly. (two critical fails).

Fargrim the Dwarf skewers several kobalds and stains his beard with their foul entrails.

The Cleric Valanae uses her healing to keep Fargim up and swinging.

But the Savant is too quick witted and escapes by the skin of its teeth.

The party ensues and is led to a ruined keep, (successful skill challenge) where a door hangs ajar to a dark dungeon below….

"Kobold Ambush!" or "A Sticky Start"
Session 1


The Drow ranger, Belgos, stares through the darkness, a darkness where even his eyes cannot see. A faint light appears. There is a table, and on the table, a soft whispering glow. On the table, a small strongbox, lying open and there, like a deep sea, an abyss of shimmering blue-green, is an arrowhead shaped amulet. All his surroundings shuffle into a haze. His normally keen senses blur with the intoxicating presence of the jewel. Nothing but the amulet remains. It evokes in him a resonance- a longing for glory and the honor of heroes. He steels his heart, forgets every past transgression, and is filled with clarity of purpose. On the edge of reality, Belgos desires to take the amulet his guide. The amulet draws him nearer, as if opening a door to his hidden soul. The marvelous stone draws him nearer, as if loosed from an unerring bow, aimed for his breast. Some have failed to hear my call, it seems to whisper. The danger of the task evokes a sudden panic. His companions? Where are they?, his thoughts screams. Do not fail them, the amulet warns. Quickly now! Embrace your destiny! Attune to the amulet and escape this place! Doubt and fear strike him in the heart, yet Belgos reaches for it….

…what companions can accompany him to places of such perilous evil? Shall I tell them of this dream?

Belgos sees a stirring in the undergrowth, and a silhouette of a scrawny creature…

..the party is ambushed at the mountain pass by a band of shifty kobolds

the thrown hammer of the Dwarf obliterates the head of the first kobold critical hit

Belgos is overwhelmed by two drakes zero HP

Brought back to consciousness by the Eladrin Cleric

the Human Paladin cannot escape the tendrils of the kobold glue

The trap is released- ineffective- gobbles a kobold minion

The kobolds flee and the trap master is captured, interogated


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