Weird Wednesdays at the Book Garden

In the Dungeon

From what I remember

The heroes made their way cautiosly into the dungeon staying clear of corridors and pressure plates.

A very scary orc was spotted and the adventurers formed up to ambush it

Orcish archer spots the party, and orcish sword flips a switch dropping giant boulders. Begins initiative.

During combat a giant blob gets dropped from a trap.

Once the orcs and blob are taken care of the adventurers investigate the pool.

A hidden mirage hallway is revealed that is rigged with an alarm on the floor and after much discussion the adventurers attempt to cross.

The rouge Keira wall runs down the corridor and Belgos fires an arrow with a rope attached to tie at either end of the hall.

Everyone manage’s to pass athletic checks to cross and Steve does it naked…

On the next level Keira passes bonches of stealth checks that reveal a prison with friends and foes.

Keira frees the halflings and gathers weapons for the trapped humans before raising alarm.

A dragon-born, spitting velociraptor, cockatrice and a bunch of drunken stooges all fall after an intense battle and the group prepares to travel onward…



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