Weird Wednesdays at the Book Garden

"Kobold Ambush!" or "A Sticky Start"

Session 1


The Drow ranger, Belgos, stares through the darkness, a darkness where even his eyes cannot see. A faint light appears. There is a table, and on the table, a soft whispering glow. On the table, a small strongbox, lying open and there, like a deep sea, an abyss of shimmering blue-green, is an arrowhead shaped amulet. All his surroundings shuffle into a haze. His normally keen senses blur with the intoxicating presence of the jewel. Nothing but the amulet remains. It evokes in him a resonance- a longing for glory and the honor of heroes. He steels his heart, forgets every past transgression, and is filled with clarity of purpose. On the edge of reality, Belgos desires to take the amulet his guide. The amulet draws him nearer, as if opening a door to his hidden soul. The marvelous stone draws him nearer, as if loosed from an unerring bow, aimed for his breast. Some have failed to hear my call, it seems to whisper. The danger of the task evokes a sudden panic. His companions? Where are they?, his thoughts screams. Do not fail them, the amulet warns. Quickly now! Embrace your destiny! Attune to the amulet and escape this place! Doubt and fear strike him in the heart, yet Belgos reaches for it….

…what companions can accompany him to places of such perilous evil? Shall I tell them of this dream?

Belgos sees a stirring in the undergrowth, and a silhouette of a scrawny creature…

..the party is ambushed at the mountain pass by a band of shifty kobolds

the thrown hammer of the Dwarf obliterates the head of the first kobold critical hit

Belgos is overwhelmed by two drakes zero HP

Brought back to consciousness by the Eladrin Cleric

the Human Paladin cannot escape the tendrils of the kobold glue

The trap is released- ineffective- gobbles a kobold minion

The kobolds flee and the trap master is captured, interogated


We got ambushed HARD! (We need to scout!)
The Drow got his ass kicked by some beasty lizard things.
The rouge needs to level up, a somersault flanking backstab critical hit didn’t even bloody the damn lizard…
Wilson got stuck in booonches of glue & rolled a lot of 2’s
I’m glad we have a healer


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